Caedere - Dutch Brutal Death Metal

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The development of Caedere took serious shape around February 2001. That year, Caedere started to write their first songs and did their first gigs opening for bands such as Pyaemia. A year later, Caedere released their first EP 'Gore to Banish Fear'.

More songs songs were written and more gigs were played. Caedere also succesfully participated in the Metal Battle Competition finishing as a runner up in the finals but also winning the public's vote. In doing this, the band cemented their reputation as a brutal live act.

In October 2003, Caedere released their first full-length album entitled 'Mass Emission'. After this release Caedere started playing international festivals with bands such as 'The Red Chord', 'Cliteater', 'Beheaded', 'Pungent Stench' and 'Nasum' in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and the Czech Republic .

In 2006 the band focused on writing material for the second album. In June, the band recorded a promo and it was released January 2007 resulting in Spanish record label 'Grotesque Productions' signing Caedere and releasing Clones of Industry late December 2009. In the meanwhile Caedere still performed internationally with interesting names such as Cryptopsy, Sinister, Krisiun, Immolation, Deeds of Flesh on festivals such as SWR Barroselas.

2012 saw the release of the 'Corruption' E.P. which featured new material for the upcoming third album. This landed them a deal with US based label 'Sevared Records'. Caedere entered the studio in 2013 and in 2014 the 3rd full length album 'The Lost Conveyance' was released. At this point Caedere started sharing the stage with legendary bands such as 'Morbid Angel', 'Deicide', 'Dying Fetus', 'Nile', 'Suffocation' and of course the imfamous 'Monolith deathcult'.

At this point Caedere is in full writing mode for a fourth full length album, while also regularly hitting the stage. The music could be seen as a mixture of US blast death metal and Swedish (old school) death metal. Atmospheric, brutal, but with a catchy edge.

Present members of Caedere are:
Michiel Lankhorst - Niels Ottink - Jarno Olinga - Herbert Cats - Thomas Luijken

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